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Webster begins a campaign of resistance at the American hospital after Paris falls to the Nazis. Mr and Mrs Rossler are arrested in Berlin, and Lois grows closer to Vernon. June 1940, Paris fell to the Germans without a fight. Webster and his hospital staff must deceive the new masters to save allied men, including Douglas's barely recovering son Tom. Luckily the Nazi officer in charge is a gentleman and seems to have a crush on him, but obviously-black Albert must flee for his life. In Berlin, Nancy is the last hope of the Rosslers to evacuate them after being both arrested for neglecting their patriotic duties. Back in Manchester, Harry gets a lukewarm welcome back home with another foreign companion, Senegalese rifleman Demba, whom he rescued all the way to Dunkirk, while his mother now focuses on lonely Jan, and considers an offer to join the new secret service Special Operations Executive, which needs brave polyglots. In Warsaw, Resistance killers Kasia and Tomasz take ever-greater risks in siren-luring Germans, the net closes in on them.


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