SERIÁL: Ponorka   díl: Verdammt

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Forster tells Simone that U-612 is lost. The resistance risks innocent lives with a risky operation. While Hagen must inform Simone that Frank's entire crew is missing presumed drowned, the submarine is actually operational again, but nearly out of fuel. So they risk entering the first passing ship. It turns out a Russian trailer, manned by German deserters and Romanians, who hide Jewish refugees. The 'jinx virgin' finally lift his 'curse' by raping the girl. Captain Martin Chaffrof agreed with Ulrich Wrangel to hand over diesel in exchange for repairs, but those prove impossible and an armed conflict kills his crew plus one German seaman. Realizing how close Forster is to catching everyone, Simone calls for all to flee, but Carla Monroe insists to use the last bullets to capture the navy base commander, thus triggering the hostages reprisals commissioner Duval and all others hoped to avoid.


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