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U-612 is in a desperate situation. Simone adapts herself to the dangerous triangle with Hagen Foster and Carla. After maroon evicted the CO and his loyal crew, Ulrich Wrangel's mutineers submarine is hit by an allied depth charge and starts sinking, but not 4 km deep. They are stuck on a sand bank, but panic as the damage is grave and urgent, given oxygen and chlorine gas leaks. Rivalries are put aside as everybody is desperate to survive, even if that means one man must be chosen by straw draw for a suicide mission in the engine room, to salvage the last two batteries. The Gestapo investigation makes great progress, which Simone can report, while curbing Forster's 'inappropriate' romantic moves, to her lesbian lover, the reckless Carla Monroe, who pushes her to take great risks spying. The bomb maker is identified, but killed and evidence removed, leading the collaborating French police chief to conclude there must e a mole, while he steals something.


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