SERIÁL: Ponorka   díl: Loyalität

Informace o dílu

After Greenwood departs the U-boat a new guest comes aboard in surprise and the infighting for loyalty among the crew continues. In La Rochelle the relationship between Simone and Carla grows. Having probed and stirred the tension aboard, Ulrich Wrangel legitimates taking command of a mutiny by being 'the highest ranking officer aboard'. XO eagerly sides with him, but honest seamen like Frank openly protest and risk being locked-up before marooning with CO Klaus Hoffmann. Gestapo chief Hagen Forster admits having some personal interest in Simone, ignoring she's the lesbian lover of his now identified resistance target, Carla Monroe, who still pleads bloody methods regardless of innocent civilian victims.


Neděle 23. 1. 2022 Svátek má Zdeněk
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