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After the enemy attack solidarity on board U-612 diminishes. Hoffmann and Tennstedt's rivalry and the ongoing tension among the crew threatens their mission. Aboard, tensions grow somewhat out of control, as cocky macho crewmen rival to be the most unconditional patriots and act on rumors, leading to biter rivalry and abuse, while CO Klaus Hoffmann seeks to learn more and appease. Cynical arms trading US passenger Samuel Greenwood exhausts the officers' patience, until XO Karl Tennstedt actually pushes him in the sea during the delivery to a US freight ship, actually in exchange for ruthless U-boot captain Ulrich Wrangel, who asks in vain to break the gentleman's agreement so both vessels can go home unharmed. Gestapo commissioner Hagen Forster settles for executing the reprisal hostages from a list made after the bomb at the parade nor the crew which beat Frank's secret wife in hospital and caused a miscarriage. Simone tries to look after her while Forster recruits her full-time as his personal translator.


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