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Tensions between Tennstedt and Hoffmann on board U-612 rise. Resistance member Carla Monroe plans a daring operation in La Rochelle. Aboard submarine U-612, the atmosphere heats up with the implicit rivalry between 'parachuted son' captain Hoffmann and solid veteran XO Tennstedt, all mistrusting VIP passenger Samuel Greenwood, for whom they has to desert a bloody naval battle and lost another man taking him, who now flaunts being an American opportunistic businessman investing in arms. Frank gets out of favor, nicknamed the Frenchie and deemed neglectful in reporting to the CO. Gestapo officer Hagen Forster invites Simone out privately, even to his home, and to a parade. There the resistance, led by a communist hothead, which rewards Simone with a passport for Frank's secret Jewish bride who hides as brothel waitress, detonates a self-made bomb. The crew gets another shot at a convoy, but a newbie torpedo gunner's arm must be amputated on the spot.


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