SERIÁL: Grantchester   díl: III/5

Informace o dílu

Sidney arrives at a Romany camp, but when someone is killed, he is prime suspect. Having discarded his dog collar and his calling Sidney winds up at a gypsy camp where Ronnie is also living, with the money he stole from Mrs Maguire. A wedding is in progress between Luella and Abraham, son of the suspicious Pal but Sidney is shocked to find Ronnie now has another, bigamous wife, the motherly Cora. Geordie is thrown out by the betrayed Cathy but Sidney calls for him when Ronnie is murdered and robbed. The thief is quickly discovered but it is Sidney who unmasks the killer before returning to Grantchester and an ultimatum from Amanda. Meanwhile the two Mrs Maguires reconcile and Geordie makes a last attempt to save his marriage.


Úterý 22. 6. 2021 Svátek má Pavla
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