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Endeavour is tasked with protecting prisoner and criminal informant Terry Bakewell whilst he's undergoing treatment in Cowley General Hospital. Police informant Terence Bakewell dies in the Fosdick ward of the Cowley general hospital under Morse's guard, in the same bed where three patients have died over the past five weeks, one of whose wife was in dispute with the hospital and is also found dead. All had been operated on by ageing surgeon Sir Merlyn Chubb and a view on the ward is that his ineptitude is responsible but Morse is puzzled to learn that in each case white sweet peas had been placed beside the deceased and then pathologist Max discovers puncture wounds in the bodies. A charismatic doctor falls under suspicion until Morse uncovers an incident in his past and a bereaved relative out for revenge. He also locates the missing Joan Thursday who wants her whereabouts kept from her parents.


Úterý 6. 12. 2022 Svátek má Mikuláš
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