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Endeavour is charged with protecting Joy Pettybon, self-appointed guardian of the nation's morals, who is visiting Oxford to promote her 'Keep Britain Decent' campaign. When moral crusader Joy Pettybon arrives in Oxford she receives a death threat and Morse is assigned to protect her, as well as investigating the death of young brick-layer Brian Finch, who had been working at a mansion rented by argumentative pop group the Wildwood. Morse is present when Joy and troubled lead singer Nick Wilding go head to head on a live chat show, after which gay magazine editor Dudley Jessop, an opponent of Pettybon, is badly beaten by her supporters and her repressed daughter Bettina admits to Morse her love for him and hatred of her mother. Then a vicar, Mrs Pettybon's co-activist, is poisoned with chocolates seemingly intended for her. A shameful secret from the Pettybons' past, triggering Joy's crusade, is unearthed, as is a more recent one regarding Nick's sexuality. This proves instrumental in cracking the case, despite the killer's attempts to sabotage Morse with a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs.


Úterý 6. 12. 2022 Svátek má Mikuláš
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