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As Endeavour Morse takes his sergeant's exam, a garment factory owner is shot dead outside a bank during a wage snatch. As Morse sits his sergeant's exam garment factory owner Cedric Clissold is shot dead during a wage snatch and Thursday questions the gangster fraternity, leading to the Matthews brothers, likely heirs to the late crime boss Harry Rose. At the same time Morse's former tutor Felix Lorimer asks him to investigate Lothario bingo caller Paul Marlock, known to consort with the Matthews brothers, who is seeing Felix's estranged wife Nina - and, as Morse discovers, Thursday's daughter Joan. Nina tells Morse she believes that Felix killed Cedric and indeed Morse finds evidence to link the lecturer to the Oxford underworld. Whilst Thursday receives distressing news regarding his health Morse and Joan are amongst the hostages when the Matthews gang raid the bank where Joan works - during which time, aided by a coded notebook, Morse works out just who killed Cedric Clissold.


Úterý 6. 12. 2022 Svátek má Mikuláš
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