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Elderly genealogist Adrian Weiss is murdered with an Indian ceremonial dagger in an Oxford museum. Other visitors that day were a party of school-girls from Blythe Mount school, where Morse goes, to find two teachers and seven girls staying there for the summer vacation. After he has left he finds a note reading 'Save Me' stuffed into his pocket. He learns that exactly a century earlier the school, then a private house, was the scene of the unsolved murders of the Blaise-Hamilton family, former owners of the dagger.Soon afterwards sensitive pupil Bunty disappears after hearing ghostly music played in the night. Morse and Thursday interview the remaining girls; only one of them had the talent to play the music. He asks them each to write out "Save Me".Headmistress Miss Symes, who has recently been in an automobile accident, tells Morse that the spectre of Charlotte Blaise-Hamilton is said to haunt the school and both Morse and teacher Miss Danby believe they have seen her.None of the girls' handwriting matches the note. In their room, Morse finds a book about the murders. He ascends to an unused upstairs room where Bloody Charlotte has been seen. He also sees the ghost before crashing through the floor. On further inspection, the ghost appears to be a reflection of a painting in a mirror.Back at his flat, his next-door neighbor, who is a nurse, helps dress Morse's injuries and he asks her to have dinner with him.An American couple who had been communicating with Weiss are looking for a possible granddaughter.Morse contacts Stephen Fitzowen, who wrote a book about the murders and who reports that Weiss was keen to see him before he died. He shows them a set of slides of the murders, and explains that due to the need for a quick resolution, an Irishman named O'Connell had been accused but committed suicide before being brought to trial. Fitzowen thinks the surviving daughter was the murderer. Her father had her committed to a sanitarium where she died.Morse examines the history of the Blaise-Hamiltons, getting so involved that he cancels his date, but she sees him with another woman.Miss Danby meets a museum worker, Terence Black, for a romantic tryst. Edwina disappears.Exactly one hundred years after the original murders, Morse returns to the house to search for the missing Edwina. He talks to Shelly, who was playing the Nocturne. She took the book about the murders from the staff room. Morse and Thursday investigate Billy's house.Fitzowen and Morse mount a ghost watch. The lights go out and a girl falls to her death. The girls have found a box of old clothes in the attic and have pretended to haunt the house. However, the girl had her throat slashed before falling.The police begin an all-out search for the killer, who does not scruple to kill children.Weiss has managed to trace a grandchild of the Americans. Morse remembers a ring on the finger of a portrait and tracks the heraldry before Bunty calls him from the house - Black is in the house.Morse explains on the way there: an illegitimate child of Blaise-Hamilton had murdered the children one hundred years ago. His descendent, hoping for the fortune, killed Weiss and the child, a potential witness. As they arrive, Black takes a child prisoner. After a scuffle, he falls through the floor in the attic.


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