SERIÁL: Okupace   díl: Duben - (1. série / 1. díl)

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Informace o dílu

Near future. The US is self-sufficient in energy. Civil Wars have halted oil production on the Arabian Peninsula. Europe is on the verge of an energy crisis. Norway stops all oil and gas production due to the effects of climate change. Norwegian Prime Minister Jesper Berg walks in a daze down a snowy pathway.Hans Martin Djupvik kisses his wife Hilde goodbye and takes the recycling out on his way to work.Bente Norum has papers spread over her table, her husband Thomas Eriksen watches the BBC news on TV. PM Berg also watches the BBC report on the oil crisis in Europe. His aide Anita Rygg comes for him. Security Services Officer Djupvik escorts the two to a waiting helicopter.Hilde goes to work, her first day at a new job, she is a judge and sends Martin a selfie in her new robe.Thomas Eriksen is a journalist for New Time, media is gathering for a big event but Eriksen is not on the approved list. Still, he manages to cadge a spot inside.PM Berg explains about thorite and how Norway has harnessed the power of Thorium, named after Thor, to build a new clean energy plant. The age of fossil fuel is over he says. The press rush out filing stories.Bente meets her rsetaurant staff, she cannot afford to pay wages but asks if they can stay another month. One waitress agrees but the rest quit and say they need to get paid.Thomas goes for a walkaround, tells Security the PM will want to talk to him. As the PM walks to the waiting helo Thomas throws questions, will there be sanctions? Boarding the aircraft, four black combat suits with guns take the PM, Djupvik and the other guard are forced to disarm. Thomas sees it all and grabs a photo with his cellphone. Djupvik runs to a police car and follows the helicopter, he has a tracker on the PM. Racing down a roadway he can keep the flying helicopter barely in sight.Thomas also gets in his car and texts his Editor that something big is going down.On the tarmac the other Security guards radio Djupvik to abort but he continues. Losing the signal he stops and turns around. Suddenly his screen picks up the signal again and he races toward it again.Wenche Arneson, the Director of Security Services is meeting her doctor, he gives her some papers and advises rest for two weeks. She gets a call and races off in her car.Again Djupvik loses the tracker, he stops in the woods.Arnesen reports to the secure Cabinet boardroom and calls in a request to get Djupvik there. Djupvik notices the helicopter taking off behind him, he turns his car around and follows.Arnesen briefs the Cabinet, they don't know much yet. She patches in the phone speaker directly to Djupvik, he tells the room he is following the helicopter. Suddenly he finds the PM alone on the road. He checks him for injuries and Berg asks for a few seconds before advising Cabinet. Berg says it was good Djupvik wasn't able to intervene earlier. They get into the police car.On an oil rig at sea the workers watch as military helicopters hover above them.A military staff officer tells the Cabinet an armed group has overtaken the oil rig. He wants permission to launch two Orion maritime patrol planes. Djupvik calls in that the PM is safe. Berg joins the call and tells Cabinet to stand down, but since they can`t confirm he is not being coerced at gunpoint they will decide without him.Eriksen reports to his editor Dag Ottesen that the PM was kidnapped.Berg implores the Cabinet that he has been in contact with Russia and the EU and the situation can resolved without a war breaking out. The Foreign Minister De Vibe is the head of Cabinet until Berg can be present. De Vibe hangs up the call to the police car.The Orions head out to sea. Djupvik drives fast as he can.Thomas shows Dag the photo, he starts writing his story of what he saw.Berg arrives at the Government Offices, he cancels the Orion flights.Hilde is hearing a case when Hans Martin texts her. She calls a recess, takes his call, He says get the daughter and get out of town but without further info she doesn`t take him seriously.Berg explains to the Cabinet what happened. The helicopter had landed in a clearing and he had a video call with the EU Energy Commissioner who demanded Norway resume oil and gas exports. The Swedish PM also supported the EU decision. A man walking a dog came nearby and was killed. Berg was allowed to walk away but was in shock.USA has withdrawn from NATO so they can`t expect any help from the Americans. Berg doesn`t want to sacrifice lives in a futile battle against Russia.Arnesen questions Djupvik personally, then the PM comes to her and says the kidnapping never happened. At his office, the Russian Ambassador Irina Sivadorova is waiting to see him.Thomas is in the lobby waiting, the PM comes to see him and says it was just an exercise and to just drop it.Arnesen goes to her office. She tears up the medical certificate.Thomas goes to Bente`s restaurant, she needs him to wash dishes.On TV PM Berg announces a new plan to give the EU more time and have accepted Russian help in restarting oil production. There will be a larger Russian presence in the country.The Djupviks have a family meal at McDonald`s. Hilde jokes about his call earlier that day, Martin can only smile wanly.


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